Contemporary extension Lincoln

The clients brief is to replace the existing rear single storey portion of the property with a modern single storey extension. The extension is to provide a shower room, store, utility and open plan living/dining area whilst the kitchen will inhabit the existing building (which has a larger footprint) and the existing ground floor sitting room will be retained at the front of the house.

The aim of the design is to provide a house which has 2 completely different characters, having an extension to the rear and side with two different levels and elevational treatments. The whole extension will be a clean contemporary style providing space for informal living. The new extension increases the total ground floor footprint by approximately 60 percent. The height of the new extension has been designed to be proportional to the existing house and has 2 different roof heights to visually break up each of the functions of the rear extension. Flat roofs have been utilised to counterbalance the visual effects of the high ceilings externally.

From the front the house will look like a semi-detached house typical of the area, with what appears to have a clean cedar clad wrapped extension to the rear. The front of the house will be as existing.

At the rear of the property careful consideration was given to the choice of materials. In order to avoid a pastiche solution, the proposed extension has been designed to contrast with the existing property with that found with other properties and extensions which exist in the area. The linearity of the design and material selection offers a strong yet integrated juxtaposition of old and new, the interface between traditional workmanship and modern techniques visually highlights the evolution of the house into a 21st century home.