High Dependency Nursing Care Home London Road, Boston

New development 48 bed high dependency residential nursing home.

The new home is sited between a Grade II listed red brick Victorian building and the 1980’s Hunter’s Creek care home, in a mixed suburban setting of 19th to 20th Century houses.

The building combines contemporary and traditional forms to mediate between the Care Home and the listed building, and reflects the forms, styles and materials of the predominantly Victorian / Edwardian suburban character of London Road.

The brief for a 48 bed facility gives rise to the need for a part 3 storey building adjacent to the existing Care Home with a large footprint and deep plan shape. This L shape plan form creates a street frontage wing and longer side wing enclosing a south facing courtyard to the rear. The frontage wing is two storey to match the scale of the existing care home. The side wing carries through to the street frontage as a two part gable of three storeys, reflecting the form of the adjacent listed building frontage. This long wing is split into two parts with the front section being slightly lower to minimise impact on the street, the rear part being screened by trees at the side of the site.

The building is formed as a group of distinct two and three storey volumes to reduce visual mass and creating varied roof heights.

The narrow single-pitched volumes to each bedroom block, separated by a flat roofed corridor section reduces the impact of the wide plan form and gable widths, and reflects the scale and proportion of neighbouring Victorian houses, with gable ends reflecting character of the area.

Projecting bay windows modulate the elevation and reduce the apparent mass and length of the building. The traditional bay window form being simplified as a free floating wing wall separated from the main elevation by recessed glazing. Stairwells at the ends of each wing take the same form as the wing-walled bay windows.