Marina Development Willingham Fen, Lincoln

A new marina and holiday park development at Willingham Fen, near Lincoln. The development includes Marina buildings comprising workshop, chandlery, cafe and boaters facilities, a hotel, restaurant and bar, along with a series of woodland cabins, all intended to boost local tourism in the area.

The design strategy for the hotel is to create a traditional cluster of barns around a crew yard using Lincolnshire farmyard buildings typology.  These traditionally constructed  barns are then ‘adapted’ and ‘extended’ using a more contemporary architectural language incorporating inserted volumes, connecting internal and external spaces and increasing daylight levels in the interior.

The simple, timber volumes of the marina buildings refer to traditional waterfront buildings such as water mills and wharf-side warehouses, but in a contemporary language which reflects modern construction and uses related to boatyard / marina developments.  Materials and detailing will be a combination of traditional and modern, using the same pallet of materials as the hotel buildings on the site to create a consistent but varied set of related structures in the landscape.

The buildings make use of low energy passive design and technology to minimise energy use and give well lit, well ventilated internal environments.  Low maintenance, long life, natural materials both reduce long term costs and help root the structures in their environment.

willingham fen