New Leisure Development Brackenborough Lawns, Louth

Situated in countryside on the edge of the market town of Louth in the Lincolnshire Wolds, this development is for 120 high quality holiday lodges with an associated leisure, conference and spa facility.

The landscaped development retains existing features such as ponds and woodland areas, with the lodges grouped around a range of open green spaces and new water features as part of a sustainable drainage design.

The leisure and spa facilities are located in a new building adjacent and connected to the existing Victorian manor house which his converted for spa and conference use.  The facilities include swimming pool with jacuzzi, steam, sauna and treatments rooms, informal breakout space, and conference / hospitality rooms.

The new building is designed to be very low energy in use and is constructed using low embodied energy principles to minimise its carbon footprint.  Earth bunding, sedum roofs and an all-timber structure also help to connect the building to its landscape, with gently sloping roofs appearing to grow out of the ground on the north side towards a fully glazed wall with integral timber screening to control solar gain but allow strong visual connection between inside and outside spaces.  A glazed link connects new and old buildings with highly insulated timber north wall and fully glazed south wall also connecting with the landscaped gardens.

The timber lodges incorporate off-site manufacture methods to ensure efficiency and high quality construction, yet are designed to allow for individuality and variety of forms, layouts and finishes.

As well as detailed building and landscape design  and sustainability strategy, the planning application involved a range of specialist studies and reports covering landscape and visual impact, highways design, traffic impact and management, ecology, flood risk, arboriculture, drainage design and archaeology.