Planning permission for residential development North Hykeham

The brief for the project was to submit an outline planning application to develop land at the rear of 13 Lincoln Road. The client wished to obtain outline consent for a dwelling with an approximate floor area of 460 sqm over 2 floors. The application was refused by the local authority but later overturned on Appeal, application for approved matters has now been granted.

The client originally approached place : architecture due to our proven track record in providing high quality, sustainable housing that is environmentally driven.

 The original brief asked for:

A site layout that would provide opportunity for future extension allowing access to other potential sites. This would limit the number of accesses required from rear land if neighbours decided to develop their own land.
A high quality family home that is environmentally conscious.  A site layout that prevented neighbouring dwellings from being overlooked and provided sufficient separation so as not to make the development feel cramped.
A site layout that worked with minimal impact on existing trees and site features.

The area in which the proposed site is located generally has a linear character with early 20th century detached houses along Lincoln Road in a typical between the wars ribbon development pattern. Backland developments have already been undertaken approximately 100m and 200m away to the South West. The proposed scheme differs from these in that consideration has been given to the potential for future development without the need for further access onto Lincoln Road. The access has been configured to allow for extension if the owners of neighbouring plots decide to develop their own land. As noted within North Kesteven District Council’s supplementary planning guidance on tandem and backland development; backland development with a more considered approach is preferred to tandem development where only a single proposed dwelling would be accessed with the likely loss of privacy for neighbouring dwellings.

The scale of the proposed site and dwelling has been designed to sit comfortably within the local area. The site itself is big enough to suit the character of the area, providing the proposed dwelling with a generously sized external amenity space.

It is intended that the proposed dwelling is to be as energy efficient as possible, making use of a range of different recourses such as Solar Thermal panels for producing hot water and/or Photovoltaic panels for producing electricity and air source / ground source heat pump heating with heat recovery whole-house ventilation. Natural daylighting will be maximised as far as possible throughout the dwelling; with low energy electric lighting employed throughout. The aim will be to reduce as far as possible reliance on non-renewable resources.

With regards to orientation of the proposed dwelling, whilst orientated to match the surrounding properties, it will make full use of South to South West / East facing roofs for solar panels. The indicative layout plan of the house demonstrates how this orientation will also optimise the use of daylight within the building whilst eliminating any overlooking as far as possible.