Residential development Lincoln

A residential development of 55 dwellings on a disused army barracks site in Lincoln for Lindum Homes. The development contains a mixture of dwelling types from 1 bed apartments to 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses.

The site layout is based on a traditional perimeter block structure with the buildings redefining the street edges and areas of open space.

The central courtyard comprises a landscaped communal space over an enclosed semi-basement garage containing all the car parking requirement for the development. 3 storey blocks to the south and east recreate street edges, while the north and west blocks are stepped from 3 to 6 stories, addressing the open space and creating a focal point and identity for the area.

The development is designed on sustainable principles and seeks to make a positive contribution to the local area and community as well as to the environment: design for low energy use, the use of recycled and renewable materials and innovative construction methods all contribute to these aims.

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