Single storey detached dwelling to Passivhaus standards Market Rasen

Planning permission has been granted for a new single storey eco-home on Linwood Road, Market Rasen. The design was developed to incorporate Passivhaus principles, which will see a highly insulated, air tight build, combined with a whole-house heat recovery ventilation system to create a house with little or no requirement for additional space heating.

On a restrictive site, the design and orientation of the proposed build has been imperative for its success, the dwelling seeks to maximise opportunities for passive heat gains, daylight and natural ventilation and this has been achieved through the design in terms of the sizing and placement of window apertures, roof overhangs/ angle and orientation.  The design approach to the proposed dwelling has been to achieve a clean, contemporary design in an area typically defined by standardised brick buildings as part of a low-cost, low carbon build strategy incorporating the potential for off-site manufacture.   The scheme was developed for a self-build client who are looking to complete the project within a strict budget. An economical timber frame construction is proposed, which will be sourced locally and will reduce build time on site. We look forward to assisting the client with the delivery of the scheme.