social housing Lincolnshire

This proposal for a social housing development consists of 10 new dwellings in 4 blocks, all with pitched roofs. The front most dwelling block (Plots 1-4) comprising of four 3 Bed 4 Person houses is three storey to enable the dwellings to adhere to Lifetime Homes specifications which was not achievable with a two storey property on this plot of land. The middle block (Plots 5-6) on the site is very similar to the remaining two blocks (Plots 7-8 and 9-10) located on the West side of the site, the main difference between the two being the middle block has entrances and glazing on both gables to give the dwelling East and West facing aspects with the Eastern looking onto the entrance of the site rather than entering the site and being faced with a plain brick gable. All plots on the site have been designed to address the elevational qualities of the individual dwellings and their relationship to each other on the site and their perspective from the entrance of the site with a key design realisation being the creation of urban village qualities in keeping with the local character (2/3 storey semi-detached and terraces.

The design of the development seeks to maximize opportunities for passive heat gains, daylight and natural ventilation. All plots are arranged to give active frontages onto streets with principle entrances facing the cul-de-sac. Sitting rooms and/or kitchens face the cul-de-sac and public areas to provide natural surveillance of these areas. The houses are two and three storey, all designed for use in terrace situations, with adaptations to windows and elevations to allow for dual aspect street frontages.

waterloo housing group